Toy and Collectibles Auction

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Auction Begins 10:00 AM

1653 Worms Road, St. Libory ,NE [ View Map]

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Auction to be held at the Zion Lutheran Church Gym
Lunch Provided by Branding Iron Cafe

The Auction is not cancelled for tomorrow - please check our webpage for updates. Online pre-bidding has begun with live bidding starting at approximately 1:00 PM. Click HERE to bid online. 

Airplanes / Banks

John Deere Beech D17 Staggerwing
John Deere Lockheed Vega 5B
John Deere Vintage Bi-Plane
John Deere Model R
John Deere DC-3 Company Plane
Case IH St. Louis Trade Show Plane
Allis Chalmers Lockheed Vega
Red Wolf Beer P-51D Mustang
Wings of Texaco Grumman Goose
Wings of Texaco Stearman Bi-Plane
Wings of Texaco Northrop Gamma
McCormick Deering Vega Model 5
D.O.T. DC-3 Plane
U.S. Postal DC-3
Iowa Field of Dreams Vega 5B
US Air Mail #101
US Mail #102
Express Mail #103
#1 Amoco Standard Oil
Red Barron Bi-Plane
Wrigley's Air Model R
Campbell's Plane
New Holland Plane
Reese's Pieces Plane
Eastwood Plane
Mobil Stearman Bi-Plane
Texaco Air Model R
Case Dealer Meeting Plane
Gulf Plane
Sentry Plane
Remington Lockheed Vega
Coke Lockheed Air
Country General Bi-Plane
US Mail Bi-Plane
Campbell's Airplane


John Deere 4255
John Deere 720 Hi-Crop
John Deere Utility Tractor w/ Front End Loader
John Deere "BR"
John Deere "G"
John Deere 6400 MFWD
John Deere "D"
John Deere 6400 Row Crop
Case 800
Case "L"
Massey 8590 Combine
Gleaner Husker Harvest Days Combine
Farmall 350
International I-D 9 Farm Show
International 756 Farm Show
Farmall 140 Farm Show
McCormick WD-9
Farmall Cub
Oliver 1655
Red Forage Wagon
John Deere 3010 Diesel
Red Lawn Mower
IH 66 Series 1-9 Boxes
Various Small IH & Allis Tractors
Husker Harvest Days 1640 Combine
Farm Show Case IH Tractor
Case 600
Farmall Cub
2680 Massey
John Deere Skid Loader
Old John Deere Combine
Case IH 494
John Deere 8840
Gleaner Combine
1986 Edition Case IH 2594
Pedal Cars
John Deere 8960 Battery Operated Tractor
John Deere Forage Harvester
White 80 Series
6 Bottom Plow
Case Corn Picker
Oliver 1885 1993 Husker Harvest Days Edition
Hawkeye Ertl Toys
Massey Ferguson
John Deere 1:64 Scale 648E Skidder
John Deere 1:64 Scale Excavator
John Deere 1:64 Scale Grader
John Deere 1:64 Scale 8850 Tractor
John Deere 1:64 Scale Flatbed
John Deere 1:64 Scale 6910 Forage Harvester
John Deere 1:64 Scale Milk Tanker
John Deere 1:64 Scale Fertilizer Truck
Field of Dreams 2640 John Deere
Case VAC Tractor
Ford 5000 Super Major
John Deere Overtime Tractor
Fordson Tractor
1991 HHD Oliver 1855
John Deere Flare Box Wagons
Little Deutz, No Box
Oliver Row Crop 3rd Tow Fest, 6/11/88-No Box
Old Grey Case
Case IH 2594
John Deere Anvil Bank
Tonka Bulldozer
Tonka Loader/Backhoe
Tonka Loader
John Deere Excavator
John Deere M
John Deere 40
New Holland
CAT Tractor
1:64 Scale Several Items-NIB
John Deere Model A w/290 Cultivator
John Deere 4020 w/327 Picker
John Deere Model A
John Deere 4020 Diesel
John Deere Model B
John Deere 730 Diesel
John Deere 45 Combine
John Deere Model 70
John Deere Model F145H 5-Bottom Plow
John Deere 494-A 4 Row Planter
John Deere 214-T Twine-Tie Baler
John Deere 720 Diesel
Little Genius Plow
John Deere 8400
Farmall Regular
Farmall F-20
Farmall F-20
Allis Chalmers WC
Bigger Little Genius Plow
John Deere 4230
John Deere Old 20 Series

Trucks / Banks

See's Candies Motorcycle & Side Car
1938 See's Candies Chevy Panel Truck
See's Candies Toy Truck
1948 Fire Truck Bank
1925 Kenworth Truck Bank
1938 Panel Truck Bank
Horse & Wagon
1955 Fire Truck Bank
Big Horse & Wagon
Ford Model A
1918 Barrel Truck
1932 US Mail Panel Truck 1989 Edition
1931 Radio-Flyer Hawkeye
1926 CAT Mack Truck
1905 Holt Manufacturing CAT Delivery Car
1950 Heartbeat of America Chevy - Red
1950 Heartbeat of America Chevy - Blue/Silver
1932 Caterpillar
1918 Texaco Runabout
1925 Texaco Mack Bulldog
1930 Texaco Diamond T
1950 US Mail Panel Truck
Chiquita Banana Truck
1932 KM Panel Truck
1918 Big A Auto Parts Runabout
1923 Big A Auto Parts Truck
1955 Chevy Pickup Classic Motorbooks
1931 Pennzoil Tanker
1926 JC Penney's Mack Truck
1931 Crown Tanker
1926 Big A Auto Parts Truck
1936 Mobilgas Dodge Tanker
1931 Citgo Tanker
1905 Ford Texas Company
1955 Chevy Country General Pickup
1940 Ford Ace Hardware G.I.
1916 JC Penney's Studebaker
1916 JC Whitney's Studebaker
1918 AGCO Allis Gleaner
1916 Studebaker Spectacular News
1926 Seagrave Chevy Fire Truck
1926 Seagrave Fire Truck Dubuque Iowa
1937 Conoco Tractor / Trailer
1905 US Mail Banks
1931 Eastwood Truck
1923 Chevrolet Truck
1923 Chevrolet Truck
1932 JC Penney's Truck
1926 Baby Ruth Truck
1930 JD Diamond T Truck
1905 Coast to Coast Truck
1938 Farmall Truck
1955 Farm & Family Center Truck
1913 Ben Franklin Truck
Chevy Ace Hardware Truck
Ertl 50th Anniversary Truck
1937 Dixson Mowers Chevy Truck
Amoco Horse & Wagon
1960 Chevy Semi - Jay Beer
1950 Chevy Semi - Point Beer
1947 International Semi - Pear Beer
1955 Chevy Cameo Pickup - Olympia Beer
Pepsi Bank Truck
Coke Bank Truck
Barq's Root Beer Truck
Barq's Root Beer Barrel Truck
Pepsi-Cola Truck
7up Truck
Little Debbie Step Van
Little Debbie Truck Bank
Christmas Bank
1938 Hamm's Beer Panel Truck
1950 Great Train Store Truck
1918 Country General Truck
Independence Iowa Christmas Truck
Official First Oklahoma Land Run Truck
Nebraska Quasquicentennial Truck
1918 Ertl Model T Runabout
Bishop College Centennial Truck
1913 Massey-Ferguson Bank
1918 Massey-Ferguson Runabout Bank
Ford-New Holland Mail Box
1918 Gleaner 1918 Runabout
1990 Husker Harvest Days Bank
Sinclair Barrel Bank
Leinenkugel Mack Truck
1916 US Mail Studebaker
Shell Truck Bank
1993 Christmas Bank
1931 Hawkeye New Holland
Coke Bank
Stanley Truck
1955 True Value Pickup
1952 Cadillac
Various Loose Banks
Spectacular News Car
1931 Dari-Fresh Tanker
1932 IGA Bank
1913 Ace Hardware
Heartbeat Chevy Yellow Semi
Dolly Madison Bakery
Husker Harvest Days Truck Bank
New Holland Bank
1926 Mack JC Penney
1926 Mack Opaline Oil Sinclair
1923 Reese's Candy
Model A Doublemint Gum
Hot Rod Magazine
1931 Hawkeye Pepsi
1955 Chevy Pickup
Champion Spark Plugs
Runabout Merry Christmas
Runabout A/C
Runabout US Mail
Runabout Smokey Bear
Runabout Champion Spark Plugs
Runabout JC Penney
Tin Car
Pennzoil Truck
1950 Mountain Dew
1950 White Heartbeat
1950 Black Heartbeat
1950 JC Penney
1913 JC Penney
1913 Chiquita Banana Truck
1913 RC Cola
1913 US Mail White
1913 Reynolds
1913 Kraft
1913 Massey Harris
1913 Deutz-Allis
1913 White
1913 The Golden Rule
1913 Smokey The Bear
1913 Hershey's
1913 North American
1923 80 Years of Chevy 1911-1991
1923 JC Penney
Golden Rule Horse Wagon- NIB
JC Penney Bank-NIB
Amoco Tankers: Red/White, Blk/Silver, Red/Silver
1905 JC Penney Car
1905 Morton Salt Car
1930 Chevy Flatbed
Chevy Cars
Case IH Christmas
1916 Studebaker Pepsi
1923 Chevy Tour Car
1936 Dodge Car
1937 Chevy Pickup AMT
1942 Chevy Van Box
1925 Kenworth
1955 Pickup
1957 Chevy Stake Truck
1930 Diamond T
Ace Hardware Kenworth
Ace Hardware Panel Truck
1937 Ace Hardware Chevy
Ace Hardware Chevy Pickup
1916 Studebaker A-C Car
1930 Campbell's Diamond T
1925 True Value Kenworth Diamond T
1931 Hawkeye Caterpillar Bank
1937 Chevy Green Thumb
1951 GMC True Value
1994 Merry Christmas
Case Car Campbell's
1952 GMC Pepsi Bottle truck
1957 Corvette Convertible Santa
Eastwood Doubles Semi
1938 Sheriff Dept.
1951 GMC JC Penney
1932 Eastwood Company Pickup
1993 2nd Anniversary Eastwood Tow Truck
1994 Christmas '56 Ford Pickup
1957 Ford Convertible Red Crown Gas
1937 Chevy Delivery Wagon Eastwood
1991 Christmas Semi Eastwood
1990 Christmas Semi Eastwood
Remington Car
White New Idea Car
Chevy Semi
US Mail Semi
1992 Toy Truck'n Semi
Model A Tankers: Red Crown Gasoline, Fire Chief
Model A Delivery Vans: Winchester, Havoline
Model A Roadsters: Texaco, Sunsweet
Model A Pickups: Texaco, Heinz, Havoline Oil,
1940 Ford JC Penney
1951 Ford F-6 Half Rack Red Crown Gas
1951 Ford F-6 Grain Box Country General
Ford New Holland Bank
1940 Ford Pickup Ertl
1966 Ford Freight Truck
1965 Diamond Country General
1937 Chevy Country General HHD 1994
Ace Hardware 70 years
75th Anniversary Earl May
1960 Chevy Black-n-Decker
Case IH Magnum Now Maxxum Tanker
Case IH Tow Truck
Red Crown Gasoline
1917 Ford New Holland
Shopko Bank
1989 Holiday Bank
1905 Case
1991 Father's Day
Ben Franklin
1990 Holiday
1923 Super Value
1923 Postal Truck
1918 Ace Hardware
1991 Holiday 1918
1918 Variety Store
1932 Ford Super Value
1920 English Pub
1950 Heartbeat Chevy Bank
1926 Mack Ace Hardware
1926 Mack Coast to Coast
1940 Copper York State Bank
Seagrave John Deere Fire Truck
1923 Coast to Coast
1913 Variety Store
1932 Classic Motorbooks
TSC Model A
TSC Model T
1913 Model T J.L. Kraft
1913 Model T Case
True Value Horse & Wagon
1950 IGA
1918 Ben Franklin
1955 Diamond T
1960 Remington Mack B-61 /Trailer
1960 Mack B-61 Dump Blue Coast
1957 IH Truck Country General
1937 Chevy Spectacular
1953 White Ace Hardware Lumber
1957 Chevy Campbell's Stake Truck
1913 Five Point
1913 Coast to Coast
1918 Ben Franklin
1905 True Value
JC Penney: Fire Truck, Tow Truck,
Horse & Wagon Holidays
Henry's Lady Model A Sears
Sperry New Holland Weight???
200th Anniversary Farmers Almanac Banks
JAYCEE- 1 of 500
AM VETS- 1 of 5000
Western Woolens
Almost Home Cookies
Northern Lumber
Parcel Post Mail Service
Washington Centennial
Allied Van Lines
Heinz 57
1992 Husker Harvest Days
1992 P.I.E. 1 of 1250 Truck (992)
Opaline Motor Oil Truck
Campbell's Beans Truck
Red Crown Gasoline
WIX Filters
Ashton, NE 1888-1988
Milligan, NE 1888-1988
Texaco Horse & Tanker
1938 Dodge Airflow Tanker
1931 Pioneer Hi-Bred Corn Co. Hawkeye
1955 Sentry Sedan
1936 Sentry Dodge Convertible
1936 Sentry Dodge Panel Delivery
1910 Mack Texaco Tanker
1925 Kenworth Stake Truck Conoco
1925 Kenworth Stake Truck Big A Auto Parts
1935 Mack Freight Amoco
1920 Truck Bank Amoco Solite
Runabout Farm Toy Capital Solite
1931 Pennzoil Hawkeye Tanker
1931 Hawkeye Crate Diamond of CA
1931 Hawkeye Police Wrecker
1994 Nebraska Farmer Tanker
1950 Valvoline Panel
1950 US Mail Panel
1950 Police Panel
1940 Van HHD 1995
1939 Sinclair Dodge Flyer Tanker
1931 Sinclair Hawkeye Wrecker
1930 Sinclair Diamond T
1925 KW Remington Gunmaker
1925 KW McCormick Deering Farmall
Bristow, NE 1895-1995
Sinclair Model A Pumper-NIB
Branson Tour Bus
1960 GMC SpecCast
1957 Ford Ranchero Pepsi
1957 Ford Convertible Pepsi
1957 Ford Ranchero SpecCast
1957 Ford Sedan Delivery Campbell's
1950 Chevy Buick/Olds/Cadillac
1936 Dodge Sunsweet
1936 Dodge Convertible Campbell's
1936 Dodge Convertible Pepsi
1936 Dodge Panel Classic Motorbooks
Sinclair Pedal Car
Red Crown Pedal Car
Exxon Pedal Car
1957 International R-190 Ace Hardware
1942 Chevy 1 1/2 Ton Van Box Campbell's
Campbell's Trucks
1992 HHD Minneapolis-Moline
1994 HHD Massey-Harris
1991 Special Edition IH 966 February '91
David Brown 990
New Holland Farm Sets
Red Barron Planes
Midget Car Sets
1932 Ben Franklin Ford
1932 Maurice's Ford
1913 Our Own Hardware Model T
Mack Bulldog True Value
1913 Nelson's Ice Cream Model T
1913 Red Rose Tea
1905 Ford Case
1905 Ford New Holland
1905 Ford Coast to Coast
Shopko Model A
1913 Hamm's Model T
1918 True Value Barrel
1931 True Value Truck
Henderson, NE Centennial, 1 of 500 (168)

Liberty Classics

True Value
Green Thumb
Master Mechanic
Oliver Farm Equipment
Allis Chalmers
Minneapolis - Moline
Amoco Horse & Wagon

Terms & Conditions

  • Cash, check or major credit card on the day of the sale.
  • No items are to be removed until they have been paid for. 
  • We are not responsible for accidents or theft. 
  • Announcements made on the day of the sale take precedence over all previous advertisements.


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